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Jan 23

Workers in the UK reveal what their ideal job looks like

HR managers do you know what candidates want from their job? We do!

CV Library recently asked workers in the UK what their ideal job looked like, and some of the answers may come as a surprise to hiring managers. According to the research, the majority of workers in the UK would like the choice to work flexi-time, over a quarter think that £30k per annum is a reasonable wage and two thirds (66%) would like a smart- casual dress code.

Goodbye 9-5
Flexible working hours are relatively new to the UK, as up until a few years ago the majority of office employees, worked between the hours of 9 and 5. However, with people living increasingly busy lives – juggling work and family commitments – that old model of working, no longer fits into people’s lifestyles. Over half of the 1,200 workers surveyed would rather choose their 8 working hours between 6am and 6pm to fit around things like partners working hours and childcare commitments.

Reasonable wages
Whilst the government has set the National Living Wage at around £16k per year (and the minimum wage even lower), it seems that over a third of workers do not think this is a reasonable wage. 40% of people surveyed believe a salary of £25,000 would be more reasonable. This may be in response to the growing cost of living and a desire to have more expendable income, in order to pursue leisure activities.

The age of smart-cas
The way someone dresses often says a great deal about their personality, so it is unsurprising that workers don’t like being told what to wear. Adopting a smart/casual dress code in a business allows employees to show their personality off, whilst still maintaining a level of professionalism. According to the CV library survey, a smart-casual dress code is what the majority of UK workers want their work environment.

Other factors that make for an ideal job are number of holiday days, work place perks and job location. Read more here.

In a highly competitive candidate driven market its imperative to try and stay one step ahead. In order to do this organisations need to listen to what candidates want from future employers.

When implementing an ATS, organisations not only need to consider what level of technology is required to manage their recruitment activity but also what functionality they need to have to be able to reflect candidates expectations when looking for a new role.

For example: –

– Does your careers page allow you to promote flexible working hours/ support for working parents or carers?
– Can candidates search or set up job alerts specifically for roles with flexible hours?

– Does your careers page provide enough room for you to accurately reflect your organisations culture and work environment?

– Can you effectively promote the benefits on your job adverts?

– Does your onboarding portal help to reduce counter offers?

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