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Our aim is to provide the UK's no1 recruitment software. We constantly update and improve our software to reflect the latest technologies and recruitment trends.

With a wealth of recruitment software providers to choose from, making the right decision for your organisation can be difficult.

Here are a few questions to help you compare our software with other potential providers.

Recruitment Software USP’s

​Gain control of recruitment activity right across your business.

Recruitment Software USP’s
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Does your software automatically promote your vacancies to thousands of candidates?

All vacancies published using our recruitment software benefit from automatic publishing to the networx network; a highly successful platform that instantly promotes your vacancies to thousands of candidates!

The networx network includes:-

  • Our own job board which attracts over 100,000 visitors every month
  • Social media sites Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Selected partner sites (an extensive portfolio of preferred suppliers)
  • Email alerts (sent to over 450,000 registered candidates every month)
  • Suggested jobs (promoted in the accounts of over 2.5 million registered candidates!)

For some clients the networx network is their primary source of candidates and has helped reduce the cost per hire significantly by eliminating the need to spend money on other platforms.

How does your recruitment software provider help promote your vacancies?

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How often is your software updated?
How much does this cost?

Our aim is to provide the No.1 recruitment system in the UK.

In order to do this, we have a team of developers who work continuously to improve the software we deliver, enhancing what we already offer as well as adding new functionality to reflect the latest technologies and trends.

Over the last 12 months our updates have included a wealth of new features such as auto referencing, self select interviews, video interviews and content editable careers pages which allow clients to control the look and feel of their careers page as and when they require.

What updates has your provider introduced lately? How much does it cost to implement the changes? <br>
Do they offer FREE quarterly updates?

What updates has your provider introduced lately? How much does it cost to implement the changes?
Do they offer FREE quarterly updates?

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Reduce your agency costs and manage your PSL with ease.

Are you purchasing an off-the-shelf solution or software built for you?

Unlike many off-the-shelf solutions, our recruitment software is designed and built to reflect the specific needs of each client.

We not only configure our software to reflect the way an organisation recruits but also tailor the level of functionality that is implemented to support each stage of the recruitment process.

As a modular solution, clients can also simply add new functionality as and when they need it.

This ensures that our software not only reflects the needs of our clients today, but has the flexibility and scope to support any changes or requirements in the future.

Examples of modules that you can add to our software include Video Interviews, Advanced Reporting, Data Extraction, Candidate Onboarding, HR System Integration and Online Testing Provider Integration.

How much can you tailor the software to reflect your specific needs?

How much can you tailor the software to reflect your specific needs?


Are you paying for functionality you don't require?

Our recruitment software is built to support the specific needs of each organisation.

Clients can not only choose which modules they wish to include but more importantly they can also exclude any functionality they don’t require and any associated costs.

One of the major benefits of building our software in modules is that should an organisation require any additional functionality in the future, this can be added with minimal impact on your existing software

Can you exclude functionality you don't require right now and easily add it to your solution at a later date?

Can you exclude functionality you don't require right now and easily add it to your solution at a later date?

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Is your software secure?

The new Data Protection law due to come into force in 2018 will have a significant impact on the way you can use and store candidate data.

Protecting the data held within your recruitment software is an essential consideration when choosing providers.

Our software not only benefits from our own regular penetration testing but is also subject to our clients testing policies too.

This means that our software is continuously being tested for any security risks and any necessary improvements are made accordingly. All new updates to the software also undergo rigorous security testing as a matter of course.

Is your software secure?

Is your software secure?

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​We'll help you deliver the best possible candidate experience, every time!

Recruitment Software USP’s

How well does your consultant know your software?

We don’t just sell recruitment software. We provide solutions to help organisations achieve their recruitment objectives.

As a business, we are committed to helping our clients maximise the potential benefits that our software can deliver.

In order for us to do this, our consultants not only receive regular training and updates regarding our software but also use our software daily as part of our recruitment services offering.

This knowledge ensures we can provide the necessary advice clients require to optimise their processes and improve the way they recruit across the organisation.

If your provider doesn't use the software they deliver, what level of support can they offer you?

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How well does your software help promote your employer brand?

In a candidate driven market ensuring that your recruitment software positively promotes your employer brand can not only help increase the number of applications you receive but also reduce your cost per hire too.

Using your corporate logo, colours, fonts and images we will transform our technology into a truly bespoke solution for your organisation.

Your employer brand is promoted throughout every stage of the candidate experience using:

  • Content editable careers page
  • Unlimited advert templates
  • Branded application form colour schemes
  • A fully branded candidate account
  • Bespoke onboarding site


The client user interface can also be fully branded to promote your business to Hiring Managers and any other users involved in recruiting across your organisation!

What elements can you brand or more importantly what elements can you not change?

What elements can you brand or more importantly what elements can you not change?

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