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When it comes to recruitment, even the smallest of changes can have a significant impact.

Bring your processes online

Simply by managing your key processes online, our software will help you deploy and complete projects faster, securely store all personal and sensitive data and provide HR with greater transparency throughout each stage.

For example:-

Vacancy and Offer Authorisations – Ensure vacancy and offer details are authorised by the right people and in the right order with a bespoke online authorisation process that allows you to keep track of authorisations as they pass through your chain of authorisers, identify potential bottlenecks and create a detailed audit trail for your records.

Panel Sifting – Reduce the amount of paperwork and the need to manually add Panel Member scores with simple to use online criteria scoring tools that automatically removes personal information and allows users to simply score applications in line with the person specification.

Interviews – Reduce the time and resource it takes to book interviews with your shortlisted candidates with our Self Selection tools that let the candidates choose their own times and dates! Or alternatively you could use Video Interviews to gain a greater insight into individuals before incurring the time and costs associated with face to face interviews.

References – Automatically trigger the collation of references for offered candidates and allow referees to submit their references directly into your recruitment software with a dedicated references module that helps speed up the process and centrally store all details.

Electronic Signatures – Remove the need to send documents to offered candidates and wait for their return with the ability to integrate online signature technology into your documents that enables documents to be processed in minutes.

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Centralise your recruitment activity

Whether you choose to advertise your vacancies at recruitment fairs or events, use in store posters or a number of job boards, our software will help you centralise all your recruitment activity to ensure applications can be processed together. It also ensures that you can easily measure the performance of agencies against your own sourcing methods whilst delivering a consistent and professional candidate experience to all.

Under GDPR, the ability to securely store data you collate as part of your recruitment process is also a key benefit for centralising your recruitment. Regardless of how a candidate choosing to apply, you can be sure that each and everyone agrees to your Privacy Policies and is fully
aware of how their data will be processed.

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Understand the issues and take action

Our software provides the transparency HR Departments need to monitor each stage of the process, identify any potential bottlenecks and where required take the necessary action to help improve the efficiency of your recruitment.

For example:

● If your vacancy offer authorisation is stuck with one individual, you can prompt the individual to take action or if required override the need for them to authorise completely with the knowledge that all actions are recorded via a full audit trail.

● If applications are low, you can view the performance of each of your sourcing methods in real time, compare advert views to apply clicks and see what percentage of your application form candidates are completing before they choose not to continue.

● If agency fees are continuing to increase, our software will give you the information you need when it comes to reviewing your PSL, allowing you to quickly assess and compare performance levels and negotiate placement fees accordingly.

Achieve your recruitment objectives

The key to achieving your recruitment objectives is understanding how you are performing now, identifying what can be done and where changes can be made.

Real time dashboards ensure you can monitor vacancy performance and the progress of applications as it happens whilst our comprehensive reporting suite ensures you can easily monitor the performance of each campaign and recruitment activity as a whole.

Reports include:-
● Cost per hire reports
● Time to hire reports
● Source reports
● Equal Opportunities Monitoring reports
● Agency Reports

Alternatively, clients can choose to implement our advanced reporting suite that provides the flexibility and functionality to report across all information stored within the software.

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Introduce a platform that all users are happy with

In order for you to achieve the best possible return, each and every person needs to be engaged with your recruitment software and benefit from its use.

From initial consultation through to roll out we will consult directly with you and your users to implement a solution that truly reflects the way you work and your processes.
All users have access to a library of help guides and tutorial videos, and we use integrated on-screen prompts to ensure even the most infrequent of users can quickly and simply perform their tasks.

As our software is constantly updating too, we provide regular health checks with clients that help to keep users informed about the technology available, promote best practices and collate valuable feedback.

Preparing for the future

In addition to understanding key information such as which advertising platforms perform best, when it comes to efficiency, one of the key benefits of our software is the ability to create your own talent pool for the future.

Building a database of candidates that can be used to help fill vacancies in a few months time, can present a wealth of time and cost benefits.

Our Searchable Candidate Database is designed not only to provide access to candidates that have previously applied or registered with your business but the ability to search and manage candidates according to your specific criteria.

With the option to create personal and corporate wide folders talent can be managed both effectively and efficiently to support growth across your organisation.

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Interested in finding out how our recruitment software can save you valuable time and drive efficiency throughout your recruitment process?

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