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At networx we continue to develop our software and Applicant Tracking System with our unique TECCQ (Time, Efficiency, Cost, Control, Quality) guarantee in mind.

These are the key five reasons why you should choose our market-leading ATS, developed with the ultimate goal of providing
your business with a simple, efficient, cost and time effective recruiting solution, significantly improving your overall recruitment process.

Reduce the Time it takes to recruit.

Without the correct tools, the recruitment process can be tricky and very time consuming to properly manage. According to research, 86% of recruiting professionals say that using an ATS has helped them hire faster.
This is why one of our applicant tracking system’s main development focus is to save your company valuable time by improving the overall efficiency at each stage of the recruitment process.

The networx ATS achieves this by utilising a variety of simple but effective tools such as:

  • Vacancy templates that allow line managers to create and publish new vacancies in just  a matter of minutes.
  • Automated publishing to job boards avoiding the need to visit each website individually.
  • Candidate alerts and essential / desirable scoring that help identify top talent or candidates without key requirements
  • Quick view questions that allow you to see answers to key questions before delving further
  • Video Interviews that reduce the time and cost associated with face to face interviews.
  • Online offer authorisations processes that reduces potential bottlenecks.


5 Reasons to Choose Networx Applicant Tracking System
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Improve the Efficiency of your processes

The key to saving time is to complete each stage of the recruitment process efficiently. Our applicant tracking system does not skim on the steps in order to fill a vacancy quicker, instead it is designed to improve the overall efficiency at each stage to remove potential bottlenecks and highlight the best candidates through an effective and resourceful recruitment process.

However efficiency is also about ensuring that the right processes are adopted all the time to ensure a smooth and professional process.

Our ATS combines an unrivalled level of flexibility and functionality to help you manage recruitment across your entire business and ensuring all activities are controlled centrally via one system.

Regardless of the way you recruit, your recruitment volumes or your available resource, our software can be configured to simplify the way you and drive efficiency at each stage.

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Cut the cost of your recruitment

Less time spent on the recruitment process equals a reduced cost; it’s as simple as that!

The slower your hiring time, the more expensive your cost-per-hire is and, since time is money, a cost-effective ATS  can help to cut down on these expenses.  It doesn’t take long for our clients to see a return on their investment.

The cost of recruiting a candidate also depends on which platforms you use to advertise. Through the use of our ATS, many of our clients have been able to obtain valuable data that shows which platforms work and most importantly allows them to eliminate those that do not.  Our software will also allow you to assess the success of  your  PSL, giving you access to the information you need to review placement fees in line with your best performing agencies.

5 Reasons to Choose Networx Applicant Tracking System
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Gain Control of your recruitment

Our ATS will help you gain control of every aspect of your recruitment.

Our integrated management tools and user settings allow you to control exactly who can see what and what actions they can perform.

Vacancy Templates can be used to control every aspect of a role; from the advert used, where the advert is advertised, the application form used, the interviewers and the process that candidates will need to go through,

Our real time reporting is also a key element when it comes to control. You can easily see where candidates are coming from, where they are in the process and what actions need to be performed.

For those who use agencies to find candidates, our dedicated agency management module will also help you manage your Preferred Suppliers List and control the use (and cost) of agencies across your business. Within this module, you can invite and brief agencies easily and quickly, manage your preferred suppliers and review agency activity.

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Improve the Quality of your processes and your candidates

It really is not just as case of  recruiting faster and cheaper but recruiting smarter! By focussing on quality, you can be sure that you not only attract the best people, but also deliver a first class candidate experience and ensure all recruitment activity is dealt with in a professional and efficient manner.

Quality-of-hire is a critical recruitment metric, calculating the total value a new employee will bring to your company.
Research shows that 78% of recruiters who use an applicant tracking system have improved the quality of candidates they hire.

Our ATS helps hundreds of in-house recruitment teams to improve the quality of their processes and hires.

  • Deliver the best candidate experience with a simple application process and streamlined selection process
  • Promote your employer brand through bespoke advert templates and a branded application process
  • Create your own alerts and selection tools to identify the best candidates quicker
  • Ensure the necessary information and processes are followed through tailored workflows and authorisation/ offer processes.
  • Obtain real time reporting to gather the information you need to continually improve your recruitment processes

Candidates who have a positive recruitment experience with your company are more likely to accept your job offer, reapply in the future and also refer other high-quality candidates, rewarding your company with the reputation it deserves.

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