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Our Applicant Tracking System combines a wealth of functionality with unrivalled flexibility to support the specific needs of over 800 in-house recruitment teams across the UK.

Applicant Tracking System

Our applicant tracking system is designed
to reflect the different levels of
functionality businesses require to
manage every aspect of their recruitment process.

The flexibility of our ATS (applicant tracking system) ensures that each organisation can not only configure the software to work the way you need it to, but also ensure it is built in a modular manner to provide the specific tools you require when you need them.

​Originally designed to support ​the management of ​thousands of candidates ​we attract ​on behalf of our clients every day, ​we have developed a unique applicant tracking system that helps improve efficiency and address the key frustrations faced by HR departments.​

Gain control of your careers page

The integrated content management tools within our applicant tracking system (ATS) provides HR with the ability to update, amend and control the look of your careers page.

Whether you wish to simply make a quick text change, upload a new image or completely transform your careers page to reflect new branding or recruitment drives, we give you the tools to make the necessary changes in a matter of minutes.

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Applicant Tracking System

Reduce your time to hire

The average time to hire is approximately 4 weeks but reports suggest that top talent is only on the market for 10 days.

Our applicant tracking system (ATS) is designed to improve efficiency at each stage of your process and help reduce the time to hire.

The inbuilt sifting tools and bespoke alerts ensure that top talent is quickly identified allowing you to kick start the interview process before your competitors do!

Control the use of agencies across your organisation

Our dedicated agency module will help manage your PSL more effectively and control the use (and cost) of agencies across your business.

HR can create and manage a list of approved agencies, add/remove contacts, upload terms and invite multiple agencies to work your vacancies in a simple and controlled manner.

Applicant Tracking System
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Reduce your cost per hire

Reducing your cost per hire is always something that HR Departments are keen to address. Using the latest technologies, our applicant tracking system (ATS) will help to reduce the administration burden and costs of recruitment through improving the efficiency of your processes and providing the information you need to assess the success of your sourcing methods.

The system also offers the following to help reduce your cost per hire even further.

• Social media recruiting tools – automatically promote your vacancies to your ‘fans’ and ‘followers’

• Vacancy source reports – gives you the confidence to understand which job boards work and more importantly those that do not.

• Recruitment agency reports – allowing you to identify the most efficient agencies and negotiate better terms/ placement fees.

• Searchable candidate database – maximise the return on every vacancy and create your own database of candidates that can be searched to identify suitable candidates before you look to external advertising options.

• Internal recruitment – managing talent across your organisation, our ATS will help you promote vacancies to your existing workforce and provide a tailored application process which includes line manage endorsement.

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Recruit via the networx network

This highly successful and cost effective sourcing platform is one of the most powerful offerings available with our applicant tracking system.

Vacancies managed using our ATS benefit from automatic exposure to the networx network which helps promote client vacancies to thousands of jobseekers as soon as they go live.

The networx network generates up to 30% of all applications that clients receive when managing their own vacancies. As a result it is also a primary recruitment source for many organisations.

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