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Aug 29

What makes a good candidate experience?

Candidates should in essence be treated like customers.

Especially when statistics show that a poor candidate experience is proven to affect the future buying decisions of candidates and even their family and friends.

But if we compare customers and their buying experiences with candidates and their application experience there is often huge gaps that need be addressed.

Let’s take the customer buying experience for example. Over the last few years home deliveries have continued to improve to meet with candidate expectations. There was a time that 3- 5 working day deliveries was considered a good experience but this is now considered as an antiquated process. Today customers expect more – much more. They don’t just expect next day delivery but the option to choose the time that is most suitable to them. They expect a text message to update them and the ability to track parcels from start to finish.

The candidate experience however seems to be lagging behind somewhat!

Here are some of the most common mistakes made by organisations:-

  • Not acknowledging applications!

Unfortunately the below statement is still used by many organisations!

Candidates can often be required to spend a large amount of time completing an application form. To simply not acknowledge receipt of an application or let them know if they have been unsuccessful is no longer acceptable.

“Due to the high volume of applications we receive for some of our roles, we regret that we cannot acknowledge every application.  If you have not heard from us within two weeks of the closing date, please assume you have not been shortlisted for an interview and we thank you for your interest our business.”

  • Not supporting mobile devices.

With over 62% of job seekers searching for jobs using their mobiles, clients that don’t have a mobile friendly candidate experience will undoubtedly lose a large number of applications. If a customer was shopping online using their mobile they wouldn’t be expected to transfer to a PC to complete their order or make payment, but many organisations still think that this is an acceptable process for candidates.

  • Not keeping candidates informed

It’s important to put yourself in the candidate’s shoes on this one. If you were actively seeking a new job, how long would you wait until moving on to the next opportunity? Would you be less inclined to apply for more roles if you knew that you were progressing through the different selection stages?

Again if we compare this to the online shopping experience, customers are sent confirmation that their order has been received, they receive receipt of payment, they are notified when the order has been dispatched, given a tracking code to track the status of parcels in real time and receive a final confirmation that the order has been delivered.

Candidates expect a similar process when it comes to applying for a job.

  • Expecting too much from candidates

Whether it is the process you require candidates to complete when applying for your role or the cost and time implications on the candidate to attend interviews, the more you expect from the candidate the more they expect in return.

For example, someone who is invited to interview will normally use a day’s holiday to attend and incur some costs such as petrol, train fares, car parking charges etc. The least that you can do is take the time to call them and provide them with some feedback.

Just as customer expectations are changing , candidate expectations are too and its easy for organisations to quickly fall behind.

  • How does your candidate experience compare to your customer experience?
  • Have you applied for a role with your organisation lately?

Find out how our recruitment software can help you deliver a first class candidate experience or how we can remove the associated time and administration burden by delivering the best experience on your behalf via our recruitment services.

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