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Jan 17

Top recruitment trends to watch in 2019

It’s that time of year again…when people predict what the new year will have in store and set their sights on 2019.

The past year has seen some significant trends impact the recruitment industry, including; candidate expectations, employer brand and social recruiting. As well as legal and political factors which rocked the boat, such as GDPR and Brexit.

Although it can be near impossible to know what the future holds, experts have predicted many trends which are set to impact the industry, including; artificial intelligence, collaborative hiring and the continued changes in candidate behaviours and attitudes.

In this blog, we give you a rundown of the top recruitment trends to watch out for in 2019…

The end of paper applications

As the digital age continues to evolve, it should come as no surprise that paper applications are slowly becoming more redundant year on year.

Many companies now solely promote their vacancies online, using advanced recruitment software to sift through hundreds of potential candidates with ease. Aside from online applications, recruiters have turned to video submissions and reviewing social media profiles as a means of getting to know a potential candidate better.

Artificial Intelligence

Technology has revolutionised the interview process. Many companies now choose to interview candidates using specialist technologies or Skype, meaning they don’t have to make travel arrangements. However, this year, AI is set to take things to the next level.

Companies are already starting to use AI at different stages of the recruitment process. For example, specially designed games can be used to assess aptitude and reasoning of potential candidates, machine algorithms can help to identify the most suitable candidates based on answers given and video technology can be used to match the use of language and body language with previously successful applicants.

The adoption of this type of technology also helps to remove unconscious bias and ensures that the age, race, gender or religion of an individual have no bearing whatsoever on selection processes.

This trend is predicted to stick around for years to come, changing the recruitment landscape as we know it.

Collaborative hiring

As the name suggests, collaborative hiring refers to HR teams working together with other teams to source and hire talent – and is a popular trend for 2019!

This form of hiring is extremely important as it not only significantly improves the quality of the hire and improves culture fit but can also reduce turnover rates as well. Throughout the interview process, candidates are evaluating you as a potential employer as much as you are evaluating them. The introduction of ‘teams’ to conduct interviews provides organisations with a greater opportunity for existing employees to sell the business and the role.

Candidate behaviours & attitudes

One thing which has always been of high importance to recruiters is qualifications, however this year it’s predicted that we will see a bigger focus on attitudes and behaviours of a candidate.

Although a degree maybe essential to a lot of advanced roles, it doesn’t necessarily make that candidate a good cultural fit for your business. Therefore, many companies have started to look at the bigger picture, measuring things like willingness to learn and how they will fit with the rest of the team

What will 2019 have instore for your recruitment team?

No-one is 100% certain what the future holds for the recruitment industry, however, we are looking forward to seeing what trends surface in 2019 and how they will influence the industry.

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