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Recruitment has never been a quick process, but today HR departments are facing even greater pressures that simply add to the time it takes to recruit.

Our bespoke ATS solutions give you back your valuable time.

Finding qualified candidates has become more and more challenging for a number of reasons. The number of applications are generally increasing, candidate expectations are higher than ever, selection tools are more sophisticated and the constant pressure of candidates accepting counter offers remains high.

These all result in a longer and more time consuming exercise. Our recruitment software can help to add more time to your day by reducing the time it takes to recruit and promoting efficiency at every stage of your process.

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Create and publish vacancies in a matter of minutes

Using pre-defined templates,  you (or your Line Managers) can create and publish vacancies in just a matter of minutes whilst confidently promoting consistency and best practices across your organisation.

With the ability to create unlimited vacancy templates, HR have complete control over key elements such as the advert, application form, advertising, acknowledgements, and even interviewers for every vacancy.

Automated publishing to multiple advertising platforms, helps to control recruitment spend and streamline the process even further saving you even more valuable time.

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Identify top talent before your competitors do

Attracting top talent is one of the most difficult tasks for any organisation, especially when talent is in short supply. Therefore the ability to react quickly is key to maintaining a competitive advantage.

Whether you choose to use bespoke pre-app questions, essential and desirable scoring, candidate
alerts or your own filter questions, our software will give you the tools you need to quickly identify, shortlist, interview and offer the best candidates for your business.


Fill your vacancies quicker

Our software is built to promote efficiency at every stage.

From automated vacancy creation and publishing tools through to self selection interviews, online signing of contracts and reference checking, our software will help reduce the time it takes to complete each stage of your process and reduce your time to hire.

For further ideas on how to reduce your time to hire please take a look at our video – reduce your time to hire.

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Maximise the exposure of your vacancies and reach top talent.

Brief multiple agencies in one go

When it comes to keeping preferred suppliers updated on your requirements, our dedicated agency manager allows clients to send full details of each vacancy and brief multiple consultants via one single communication.

Consultants can choose to accept or decline the invitation and submit candidates directly into your recruitment software via their own dedicated portal.

This ensures all candidates can be processed in a centralised location alongside candidates attracted across all other platforms.


Get contracts and key documents signed online

Providing candidates with the option to sign key documents online, not only eliminates the time required to print and post hard copies to candidates but also ensures that documents can be received and returned in a matter of minutes or hours rather than days or weeks.

This is especially effective in circumstances when the need arises to amend and resend contractual information.

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Real time reporting

Understanding how your vacancy is performing in real time, allows you to act much quicker in the process. For example if your vacancy is not attracting the right people, you can amend your advert, advertising platforms or application form to address any potential issues at the earliest opportunity. Using our software you can also identify potential bottlenecks and prioritise your workload according to outstanding tasks clearly highlighted on your dashboard.


Candidate communication

Keeping candidates informed throughout each stage of your recruitment process, is a key consideration when it comes to delivering the best possible candidate experience and maintaining interest in your organisation.

Regardless of how many applications you receive, or how many roles you are actively recruiting for, our software offers the ability to create an unlimited suite of email templates and communicate on an adhoc basis to easily acknowledge receipt of each and every application, provide regular feedback, invite candidates to interview and decline all unsuitable candidates in the most efficient and professional manner.

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