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Feb 04

The future of the job interview

Job interviews are no longer what they used to be, hiring managers have gone from spending days conducting face-to-face interviews to using phone calls, pre-recorded videos and Skype to shortlist candidates in a matter of hours. As the world of HR continues to evolve with innovative technologies, so must the interview process, and it has, quite significantly in the space of just a few years!

Many HR professionals are considering what the future of the interview may look like, a topic which we explore in more depth in this blog…

The rise of video interview

With so many video applications now on the market, from Skype and Google Hangouts to Facetime and Whatsapp video, it should come as no surprise that recent research found that over 63% of hiring managers are now using video conferencing for interviews.

Companies have begun to implement video interviewing to reduce hiring time, save money and easily shortlist top talent. What’s more, this method also eliminates the need for candidates to come into the office for an interview, which avoids potential travel and schedule issues.

Whilst there are two popular interview styles, recorded and live, recorded has seen a significant growth. Many HR professionals have commented on the flexibility of recorded video interviews, as they don’t require managers to take time out of their busy schedules, they can simply pre-record/ write their questions and review the applications later on.

The extinction of face-to-face

With technology taking over, what of the traditional face-to-face interview, is it on the verge of extinction? For now, we think it’s safe.

Although, hiring managers are in favour of utilising the latest technology to shortlist, many still prefer to meet with candidates at later stages in the recruitment process. The downside of video interviews is that many people get nervous when in front of a camera and act differently to how they would in real life.

What’s more, some companies like to introduce their potential new employee to the rest of the team or invite them in for a trial day to get a better idea of their skillset. And, of course with interviews in person there isn’t the added risk of technical difficulties.

What’s next?

The truth is, no-one really knows what the future has in store for job interviews, the only thing we do know is that technology is bound to play a fundamental role. The rise of smartwatches and mobile devices means that professionals can now shortlist on the go and be instantly connected to potential candidates in a matter of minutes.

AI is the big buzzword at the moment, with some companies even trialling AI robots as a means to reduce time shortlisting potential candidates. With 3D prototypes beginning to come together, some have hinted at holographic interviews in the near future!

At networx, we offer a bespoke video interview service as part of our unrivalled applicant tracking system (ATS), which enables candidates to record themselves, answering a set of questions you set. As a fully integrated product, video interviews can be viewed directly from our software alongside the candidate’s application details.

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