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Sep 21

Swipe- left to recruit?

Generation Z are beginning to leave college and graduate from university, so what does this mean for companies in terms of recruitment?

According to research, this tech-savvy generation spends an average of 10.6 hours engaging with social content every single day. Millennials (the generation before Z) spend 8.5 hours a day reading, watching, creating and engaging with content. Therefore, to reach these generations who are accustomed to swiping left for- well everything it seems- it makes sense to try and use social media platforms as part of the recruitment process.

Simply posting details of your jobs to Facebook or Twitter however is unlikely to generate much of a response, unless you have a strong following, you work hard to promote your employer brand and you constantly give jobseekers a reason for engaging with you.

However, the true power of social media lies within the ability to reach passive candidates i.e. individuals who aren’t looking for a job and would otherwise be oblivious to the opportunities you have. Gaining exposure amongst these people often relies on the creative use of trending #hashtags, sponsoring adverts to reach defined target audiences, exploring groups and engaging with potential jobseekers in new and innovative ways.

Unsurprisingly, the research also found that the most popular method of content consumption was smartphones. As a result, the ability to provide jobseekers with access to a mobile friendly application processes becomes equally important when considering Social Media Recruiting.

Although it is now much easier to promote vacancies to wider audiences, HR professionals need to be much more recruitment tech savvy in order to attract the best candidates.

Hayley Robinson, our Commercial Manager said,

“Social media can ultimately help to fill vacancies which prove unsuccessful via other methods. However, it can take time (and additional costs) to truly leverage the power of these platforms. The best advice would be to step into the shoes of the person you are trying to reach and think about what they do online, what platforms they use and what will encourage to them to apply for your role especially when they are not looking for job opportunities.”

In a recent study looking at the use of social media as a form of strategic recruitment communication, it was found that the effective use of social media in the recruitment process helps to position industries and even individual organisations as a ‘desirable’ and dare we say even ‘cool’ career choice. This is because it can create an authentic dialogue between the organisation and candidates. When positioned correctly job advertisements on social media can add a great deal of value to the recruitment process.

networx recruitment software is designed specifically to support in house recruitment teams and promote vacancies effectively across social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Glassdoor and LinkedIn as well as provide a centralised application form for activity conducted across other platforms such as Instagram or Snapchat etc.

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