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2016 Quarter 4
Release Update


In order to take advantage of the latest technologies and deliver a market leading ATS, our software is updated every quarter.

New references module

This brand new module is now part of the core system. It allows users to control the process of obtaining references and ensure information is stored centrally alongside the candidates details.

References can be requested in a number of different ways to support the specific process of any organisation:

  • A references section can be added to the application form(s)
  • Email requests can be automatically triggered when a candidate reaches a specific stage in the offer process
  • A references section can be added to the candidate account allowing candidates to submit reference details as part of their profile

Whether companies choose to add a references section to the application form or email reference requests when a candidate reaches a specific stage in the selection process, our software will help collate the information needed in a consistent and efficient manner.

To help speed up the process further, clients can also provide candidates with the ability to submit their own references before they are required by adding a references section to the candidate account.

Candidates who receive a request to provide reference details by email are also directed to their candidate account to complete the required information needed. Once submitted notifications are sent to the requester by email and highlighted on the users dashboard and vacancy overview.

Recruiters or Hiring Managers can then choose to email referees and ask them to complete a tailored form, or complete the form on their behalf during or following communications..

Software updates from networx recruitment
Software updates from networx recruitment

Improved vacancy images for social media

Our software now allows clients to control the images used when promoting vacancies across Facebook and Twitter. Images can be assigned for each advert to avoid a repetitive stream and promote each role effectively across social media platforms.

Time frames can now be assigned to Candidate test results

New functionality is now available for clients who have integrated with online testing providers CAPP or Saville Consulting.

Once a candidate has completed an online test via Capp or Saville, you can now specify how long the test results are valid for using the new functionality within our software.

Therefore, if a candidate applies for multiple roles with an organisation that require the same test to be completed, the results will automatically transfer until the date specified.

This removes the need for candidates to take the same test multiple times and the associated costs for clients.

Software updates from networx recruitment
Software updates from networx recruitment

networx network credits

35% of applications received by our clients are generated by the networx network.

In order to manage the promotion of vacancies across the network effectively, credits will now be assigned to each vacancy that is included on the networx network.

Assigned users can check if a vacancy has used a networx network credit from the vacancy overview or alternatively if it is not the networx network, the reason why.

Inclusion of vacancies on the networx network, will also be highlighted to users on the summary screen when publishing a vacancy.

What is the networx network?

Not only do we provide recruitment software but we can also provide companies with the ability to automatically promote vacancies to a continuously growing pool of candidates.

Vacancies included on the networx network will be advertised on the networx job board – a platform that attracts over 40,000 job seekers every day! In addition vacancies are included in the networx job alerts emails and promoted to over 1.4 million registered candidates with networx as suggested jobs within their candidate account.

Publishing vacancies to job board using templates

When creating vacancies using Templates, clients can now automatically publish vacancies across their preferred job boards in a quicker and more controlled manner

Once a user has created a vacancy, they will now be taken straight through to the vacancy poster form where all possible fields will be automatically populated.

The integration of the multiposting functionality within templates, not only provides users with a more seamless and time efficient process but also allows much more information to be automatically transferred to the Vacancy Poster form to help improve consistency.

Information required to populate the vacancy poster form and the specific requirements of each job board, can now be extracted from specified vacancy fields or pre-defined within the template.

Software updates from networx recruitment
Software updates from networx recruitment

Quick apply - have you switched yet?

The Quick Apply application method will make a significant difference to response rates.

Reports show that clients who switched to the Quick Apply application method have received up to 60% more applications! The quality of applications has also improved – suggesting that the best candidates are also the most pickiest when it comes to applying for vacancies!

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