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2017 Quarter 1
Release Update


In order to take advantage of the latest technologies and deliver a market leading ATS, our software is updated every quarter.

New candidate profiles

All candidates will now have the opportunity to complete a profile. Profiles allow clients to easily search for suitable candidates who have already applied for a role or have registered via their careers page.

The profile will request generic information that includes employment preferences, CV, salary requirements, skills etc.

Clients have the option to ask candidates to complete profile information as part of the application process or via their candidate account.

Software updates from networx recruitment
Software updates from networx recruitment

Application form improvements

Cross application questions can now be easily added to every application form. This supports the need to collate the same situation from every candidate regardless of the role they are applying for.

Clients can create their own unique set of questions and quickly select to add them to a new application form.

Cross application questions can also be marked as reportable so that clients can generate reports on the key information they collate from candidates on all vacancies.

In order to speed up the process for candidates, cross application questions will only need to be completed once. The answers are stored and automatically completed on their behalf for all future applications.

Improved candidate database

The candidate datebase search has been completely redesigned to help speed up the process and provide users with access to more information.

This supports the standardisation of candidate’s profiles across all clients.

Candidate details will now also be displayed alongside the candidates’s CV and application form giving access to all necessary information on one screen.

How flags can be used within the candidate database has also been improved. Clients can now create their own flags and have the option to either include or exclude flagged candidates from their searches.

Additional updates include:

  • PDF CVs are now fully searchable and will be included in search results.
  • The option to save searches has been added for all users
Software updates from networx recruitment
Software updates from networx recruitment

Simpler login and registration process

The process of registering and logging in has been simplified to provide a seamless and positive candidate experience for both new and previously registered candidates.

The login/register screen has been replaced with a simple on screen prompt that asks candidates whether they wish to apply using their email address or an existing social media account.

The information provided by the candidate is used to check if they are already registered and whether they have previously completed any profile questions or cross application questions.

Registered candidates will be asked to provide their password to login to retrieve and auto populate their information. A new account will be created for all new applicants.

One of the key benefits of this new process is that candidates can now save an incomplete Quick Apply application form should they require.

The email verification process has also been improved.

Verification emails will now be sent as soon as the candidate starts the application form. Candidates can also verify themselves using a link on the onscreen prompt should they encounter any issues receiving the verification email due to spam filters and security settings etc.

Clients now have the option to include CV Parsing as part of the application process.

This brand new module will allow parts of the application such as employment history, education and contact details to be automatically completed on behalf of candidates using the information held within their CV.

For further information please contact our sales team

Software updates from networx recruitment
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