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Recruitment Software

As a fully tailored and bespoke solution, our Cloud Based ATS can be configured to provide your In-house Recruitment Team with the tools they need to manage and control recruitment across your business.

  • Centralise your recruitment activity
  • Promote your employer brand
  • Improve your candidate experience
  • Build your own talent pool
  • Reduce your cost per hire
  • Improve the performance of your PSL (Preferred Supplier List)
Laptop showing networx recruitment software
Laptop showing networx recruitment software

Recruiters & hiring managers

Introduce the tools you need to manage your recruitment activity and control the associated activities, tasks and responsibilities of Hiring Managers.

From vacancy authorisation through to offer, our recruitment technology can be configured to reflect your specific processes and allows Recruiters to work collectively with Hiring Managers to recruit in a more efficient manner.

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Candidate experience

Centralise your direct sourcing methods and promote your employer brand with a dedicated careers page and tailored application process that ensures a positive experience is delivered to each and every candidate regardless of where they hear about your vacancies or how they choose to apply.

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Laptop showing networx recruitment software
Laptop showing networx recruitment software

Agency management

Ensure you get the best from your agencies with a dedicated module designed to help Improve working relationships with your preferred suppliers and allow agencies to submit candidate details directly into your system.

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Reporting suite

Measure the cost and performance of recruitment across your business with a suite of real time reporting tools that enable you to obtain key information such as recruitment source, cost analysis, recruitment duration and equal opportunities monitoring at the click of a button.

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Laptop showing networx recruitment software
Laptop showing networx recruitment software

Implementation and support

Our dedicated implementation and support team understand the busy nature of your HR Department and are committed to ensuring your technology is not only configured to reflect the specific needs of your business but also implemented in a smooth and professional manner.

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