Candidate Management
Enjoy an agency service
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From acknowledging each application received through to communicating the offer to your shortlisted candidates, our team will deliver a premium recruitment agency service but without the associated costs.

Candidate management

Simply tell us how you want us to handle the recruitment process, be it progressing candidates as far as sourcing and sifting candidates or progressing them all the way to second interviews. Our dedicated team of account managers will work with you to find the ideal applicant whilst delivering a professional image of your business to each and every candidate on your behalf.

  • Sifting of candidates
  • Booking interviews
  • Arrange video interviews
  • Manage candidate communications (offer, declines etc)
  • Keep in regular contact with your HR team
  • Advice and consultation on difficult to fill roles
Laptop showing networx recruitment software
Laptop showing networx recruitment software

Pre-sifting applications

Using our knowledge of your business and the individual requirements of the role, we will remove the administration burden of sifting through irrelevant applications by manually reviewing and categorising your applications in relation to pre-determined skills and competencies.

Throughout this process you have full and complete access to your candidates, allowing you to re-classify or shortlist applicants.

Our recruitment softwares transparency, simplicity and real time monitoring ensure that you remain in complete control of your candidates.

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Shortlisting candidates

Dedicated logins for recruiters and hiring managers provide real time access to candidate details, highlight key information and allow assigned users to quickly assess the suitability of each candidate to create their shortlist. When combined with our "quick sift" technology you can easily and rapidly sift your candidates whilst seeing all the key information allowing you to make an informed and accurate decision.

  • Google Maps integration shows candidate distance to the vacancy and provides an indication of average travel times.
  • Quick view questions provide all the key information you need to make the initial decision of whether or not you should progress an applicant.
  • See what percentage or essential and desirable criteria applicants meet.
  • Assign scores to multiple choice questions and use this as a threshold to progress applicants.
  • Create auto decline questions to filter out applicants who don't meet prerequisites.
Laptop showing networx recruitment software
Laptop showing networx recruitment software

Online criteria scoring

For those organisations with an internal commitment to equality and diversity standards throughout the recruitment process, our service combines the recruitment expertise of our people with our Equality and Diversity technology to manage candidate responses in a way that supports Panel Sifting.

Using our recruitment software to automatically remove personal details from applications, panel members are provided with the information and tools they require to assess and score candidates purely against the requirements of the role online.

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Video interviews

This highly effective and low cost alternative to telephone interviews provides clients with an opportunity to evaluate a candidates suitability and culture fit before attending a face to face interview. As a fully integrated solution, videos can be viewed from within the recruitment software and feedback recorded via a dedicated form.

  • Bespoke interview questions
  • Viewable by multiple users
  • Mobile friendly application available on Android and iOS devices
  • A convenient interview technique for applicants
Tablet with a video interview
Laptop showing networx recruitment software

Selection tools

In order to ensure that you and your team make the right selection decision, we have integrated with a number of 3rd party providers to ensure the necessary checks and tests can be completed in the most efficient manner.

  • Personality profiling
  • Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks
  • Industry specific / role related tests
  • Numerical and verbal reasoning
  • Background checks

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Interview services

Designed to save you significant time and resources, our team will work on your behalf to contact candidates and make the necessary arrangements to ensure a smooth and efficient selection process.

  • Contact all candidates on your behalf
  • Book and arrange interviews
  • Pre interview candidate preparation
  • Contact candidate 24 hours before interviews to reassure candidates and eliminate no shows
  • Obtain candidate and client feedback
  • Candidate decline communications
  • Offer negotiations
Laptop showing networx recruitment software

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Whether you are looking for a market leading recruitment software to manage your own recruitment or require help to source the best available candidates, our team have a solution.

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