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Quarter 2 Release
May 2018



In addition to our GDPR related developments, we have also been busy adding new functionality and features to our software.

Updates added to our software as part of this release include:

  • Improved Candidate Verification Process
  • Advanced Onboarding Module
  • New Authorised Email Domains
  • New Notification to Candidates about Changes to Privacy Policy
  • New Encryption of Data in Forms
  • Improved DocuSign Functionality
  • Improved System Design

Improved Candidate Verification to Prevent Unauthorised Access.

We have updated our Candidate Verification Process to prevent unauthorised individuals from accessing a candidate’s information.

This improved security measure ensures that candidates must complete the verification process before they can perform any tasks within their account.

Candidates cannot view any of the details they have submitted or set up job alerts until their account has been verified.


New Advanced Onboarding Module

Delivering a wealth of benefits to both candidates and clients alike, our Onboarding module is adopted by a large proportion of our clients.

In order to support the diverse needs of our clients, we have now developed an advanced version of this module offering new functionality and further enhancing the flexibility of this interactive platform.

Additions made to the Onboarding module as part of this release include:

  • The ability for candidates to view, complete and submit supplemental information forms directly from their personalised login page.
  • The ability for clients and candidates to digitally sign documents uploaded to the portal.
  • The ability for clients to create a checklist for candidates to complete and highlight any outstanding actions.
  • The ability to view the distance and travel times to locations added to the portal via Google Maps integration.

Authorised Email Domains

To help prevent the possibility of data being disclosed or sent to anyone outside of the organisation, we can now predefine a list of authorised email domains.

This will ensure that key information such as candidate details, line manager endorsement forms and scheduled reports can only be sent to people with email addresses that have been authorised.

It can also be used to control who can access the system by restricting the email addresses of users.

Privacy Policy Changes

Should you need to change to your Privacy Policy, our recruitment software will automatically present the new policy to candidates when they next login.

The candidate will be required to view and agree to the amended policy before they can proceed to their account.

A copy of the new privacy policy will be stored, alongside any previous policies within the candidates account.

Encryption of Data at Rest

In order to ensure maximum security of data, it is now possible to encrypt data ‘at rest’ for any information captured in application forms, offer forms or supplemental information forms.

This ensures that in the unlikely event of a system being hacked, any sensitive or personal data that you request from candidates cannot be accessed or viewed.

Using a checkbox, clients can encrypt any sensitive or personal data, by simply marking the relevant questions when creating forms.

Improved Electronic Signature Functionality

Docusign can help significantly to reduce the time it takes to send and receive documents from candidates.

Whilst the functionality has been available during the offer process for some time now, as part of this release we have added greater flexibility when it comes to adding documents during the offer process.

As well as being able to add docusign to more general mail merged documents, clients can now upload any document at any stage and add the docusign functionality as required.

This supports the need to send candidates documents that have been tailored to reflect their specific role or requirements.

Improved System Design

As part of our ongoing system developments, we have made a number of improvements to the general look and feel of your system. Updates included as part of this release include new style buttons and newly designed pop up views. 


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