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Nov 01

5 key considerations before investing in recruitment software

Implementing recruitment software for the first time can be a daunting task. Whilst HR departments are generally aware of the key frustrations they wish to address, with nothing to compare against it’s difficult to understand what level of functionality you require and the true benefits that the right solution can bring to your organisation.

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Oct 24

How recruitment software can speed up your time to hire

According to statistics, it takes HR teams on average 27.59 days to recruit for a position. The time to hire has been costly for many businesses, with 54% claiming that they have lost a qualified candidate to another opportunity because their hiring process was too lengthy.

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GDPR: The loss of your existing talent pool?

For many organisations, the GDPR presents a daunting question. Do I need to scrap my current talent pool and start again? Unfortunately for some organisations the answer will be Yes.... read more...

5 ways to reduce your time to hire

Reducing your time to hire can have a significant effect on the quality of your hires. Simply by following these 5 simple steps we have helped organisations reduce their average... read more...
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