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Jan 19

GDPR: Time to impose a ban on printing out CV’s?

Printing a copy of a candidates CV to use as reference throughout the interview is standard practise across many organisations. However in line with the forthcoming GDPR updates, printing out personal information such as applications and CV’s could become a thing of the past as creating hard copies of this kind of information presents a whole host of potential data breach opportunities.

Whilst our software currently supports the ability to print CV’s and applications, we have made the necessary updates to this functionality providing HR with the ability to remove the option to print and help prevent data breaches caused by this simple process.

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Jan 06

GDPR: The end of CV’s being sent in the mail?

Once the GDPR comes into effect in May, as an organisation you will not only need to ensure that every candidate agrees to how you intend to process and store their details but also keep a record of when this consent was given as proof should this be required.

The simplest way to ensure you obtain the necessary consent every time is by introducing a centralised registration portal that requests the candidate’s view and agree to your Privacy Policies and automatically records the time and date they provide consent.

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Dec 14

Merry Christmas from the team at networx recruitment

Please note our offices will close at 5pm on Friday 22nd December and reopen at 8:30am on Tuesday 2nd January 2018. Should you require any technical support during the festive period, our support team can be contacted by email. Click here to contact our support team

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