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Oct 17

How to recruit the best people and how recruitment software can help

Reaching the best people

Do you advertise your vacancies in the same place every time? Are you guilty of advertising on a platform simply because it’s something you have always done?

If you answered Yes to either of the above questions then you will undoubtedly be missing out on top talent.

The key to reaching the best people is the ability to maximise the exposure of every vacancy amongst both passive and active job seekers with the skills you require.

Recruitment software can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to advertise your vacancies across multiple platforms and more importantly provides you with the information you need to identify which source is the most effective for your roles.

Your approach to sourcing should be tailored for every vacancy and support the publishing and promotion of your vacancies across: –

  • Your Social Media accounts – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Your Talent Pool using email alerts, candidate profile search and talent folders
  • Your Authorised recruitment agencies
  • Your chosen Job Boards and Universal Match
  • Your Intranet

Deliver the best candidate experience

It is not only important to consider what constitutes as a good candidate experience but also the significant impact a poor experience can have on your ability to recruit the best people as well as the company brand as a whole.

For example, if your registration process is cumbersome, your application is long winded or you simply do not have the resource available to effectively communicate with candidates who have applied for your roles, candidates can be very unforgiving when the candidate experience doesn’t meet their expectations.

In fact, a recent report by CareerArc, suggests that 72% of job seekers who’ve had a poor candidate experience have shared that experience online via an employer review site, such as Glassdoor; a social networking site; or directly with a colleague or friend.

Your candidate experience should also be mindful of passive candidates who although may not be actively looking for a role, are more than happy to apply for a vacancy should they be made aware of it. Passive candidates are much more likely to be put off by long applications or potential barriers to apply so the application forms need to be as quick and as simple as possible.

To deliver the best possible candidate experience you not only need the right recruitment software but you also need to constantly amend and update your process to reflect the rapidly changing expectations of candidates and their use of technology.

Many of our retail clients use their delivery services as a way to determine the changing expectations of their consumers to influence their candidate experience.

For example, when ordering something online as a consumer our expectations have changed rapidly. We are no longer happy with a simple email to acknowledge your order and a 3- 5 working day delivery time but instead look for next day delivery, allocated time slots and the ability to track parcels from the depot to your door as standard.

The candidate experience is the same. Candidates expect to be able to track the status of their applications, apply using a mobile device, receive a prompt acknowledgement upon after submitting their application as well as regular communication from the organisation as standard.

Tools such as onboarding, candidate accounts, self-select interviews and video interviews all contribute to delivering the best candidate experience.

Make the right selection decisions

Choosing the right person to join your company can be a difficult task without the right tools and recruitment software.

Selecting the right people, however, relies on having the information you need to make informed recruitment decisions.

This all starts with the application form. A tailored application form which collates role-specific information from the candidates is a crucial element of being able to quickly identify top talent and eliminate unsuitable candidates.

Pre-app questions, essential and desirable scores and google map distance indicators are now standard features within recruitment software to help speed up the shortlisting process. However, it is the ability to seamlessly link with online testing providers and manage the interview process that is key to ensuring line managers make the right recruitment decisions across your business.

Video Interviews are an increasingly popular tool that not only offers significant cost savings for organisations but also helps to highlight the best people much earlier in the process. Candidates can simply record their answers to a few questions from the comfort of their homes and sell themselves much more effectively than via their CV or application form.

Regardless of how you choose to interview candidates, recruitment software also plays a vital role in controlling the interview process and ensuring feedback is obtained in a consistent and cohesive manner.

Arrange a free demo to find out how our recruitment software can help you reach the best talent and make the right recruitment decisions.

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