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Oct 24

How recruitment software can speed up your time to hire

According to statistics, it takes HR teams on average 27.59 days to recruit for a position.

The research from Robert Half UK also found that reference checking takes 5.19 days, screening CV’s of all applicants on average takes 4.77 days, interviews last 4.75 days and finally, negotiating and confirming the job offer usually took 4.3 days.

The time to hire has been costly for many businesses, with 54% claiming that they have lost a qualified candidate to another opportunity because their hiring process was too lengthy. A lengthy hiring process jeopardises HR’s ability to compete in today’s job market.

The right technology is the secret to boosting productivity, performance and efficiency. Recruitment software can significantly reduce your time to hire by streamlining the process with a range of modules bespoke to you.

Here are a few ways recruitment software can speed up your time to hire.

1. Automatic screening

Research states HR departments take on average 4.77 days to screen candidate CV’s. However, with our recruitment software, this process can be heavily streamlined, resulting in a quicker process.

To reduce the time spent reviewing unsuitable applications, our recruitment software allows HR departments to quickly identify the top talent and process candidates to the next stage. With a range of sifting tools such as essential and desirable scores and tailored alerts, our recruitment software will also automatically filter out the candidates who don’t meet the minimum requirements whilst highlighting the best candidates to the hiring managers.

Our software also helps to speed up the process of sifting candidates by calculating each candidate’s commute (distance and time) based on their home address and providing a seamless link to any previous applications that have been submitted and any associated notes made by the HR team.

2. Self-selection interview

Arranging interviews can be a gruelling task. With calling, emailing and chasing candidates it can take a few days to arrange an interview with the desired candidate.

Our recruitment software can speed up this process and remove the burden by allowing candidates to choose their own interview time and date using self-select interviews. This simple yet highly effective tool helps to streamline the process and puts the onus on the candidate to book their own interviews. Using their candidate account, shortlisted candidates can choose from a number of available slots which are automatically calculated from the interviewer’s combined availability

This can save HR departments hours of time, as they no longer have to directly coordinate interview time slots, wash up times or co-ordinate the combine the availability of multiple interviewers.

Video Interviews are also a highly time-saving interview tool that reduces the need for interviewers and candidates to meet face to face or simultaneously.

3. Multi-job postings

Drafting and creating a job description then publishing it manually across a variety of job platforms can be a long task for HR departments, especially if each one has a range of information that needs to be completed. Time for administrative tasks like this one can be reduced with recruitment software.

The networx recruitment software not only allows departments to publish vacancies across preferred platforms in a matter of minutes but also creates unlimited vacancy templates that allow vacancies to be created and published to a defined list of platforms quickly.

The integrated multi-posting software automatically extracts the information needed and uses existing credit agreements with job boards to post the vacancies.

Not only does the recruitment software have the ability to post on a range of job boards, but it also allows social media posts to be created, scheduled and posted through the software onto a range of social media platforms. This tool allows individuals to automatically post onto Facebook, Glassdoor, Google+ and LinkedIn to reach potential candidates.

If you want to find out more about our recruitment software and the other ways we can reduce your time to hire, please visit our software page

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