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Jan 06

GDPR: The end of CV’s being sent in the mail?

Once the GDPR comes into effect in May, as an organisation you will not only need to ensure that every candidate agrees to how you intend to process and store their details but also keep a record of when this consent was given as proof should this be required.

The simplest way to ensure you obtain the necessary consent every time is by introducing a centralised registration portal that requests the candidate’s view and agree to your Privacy Policies and automatically records the time and date they provide consent.

But what happens when you receive a CV or application via email?

Whether the candidate is applying speculatively or for a specific role, even though the candidate has sent you their CV this doesn’t give you the necessary consent to manually add their details to your recruitment software – nor does it give you the necessary consent to store their details in a filing cabinet.

The fact is that every candidate must agree to your Privacy Policy which includes how you are going to process this data, who has access to it, who you will share it with, where and how it is stored and for how long.

It can be argued that the act of sending you their CV and contact details forms the necessary consent for you to contact the candidate regarding employment opportunities, however if you choose to make contact this should purely be done on the basis to direct them to your online registration portal, where you can provide access to your Privacy Policy and gain the necessary record of when the candidate gave consent.

As highlighted in our previous article GDPR: A different Privacy Policy for every vacancy?, it is also imperative that the candidate is presented with the right version of your Privacy Policy. For example, if a candidate is purely applying to be part of your database the Privacy Policy they need to agree to will be different from the one they are required to agree to when applying for a specific vacancy.

Although it is possible to obtain consent via a more manual process (i.e sending a message/email to the candidate asking them to agree to the data they have provided to be held etc) the process will undoubtedly be much slower and cumbersome with the following also needing to be considered: Who will be responsible for obtaining consent? Where will this be stored? Where will you store the CV? Who will have access to it? How do you control how long the data is kept?

An applicant tracking system therefore provides the obvious solution.

Find out how our recruitment software has been developed to support this key GDPR requirement.


As an organisation, networx have undergone extensive GDPR training and are recognised as fully Certified GDPR Practitioners.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the information included in this article is accurate at the point of release this should not be relied upon as legal advice or be used to determine how GDPR will apply to your and your organisations.

We encourage all organisations to seek the advice of a legally qualified professional to discuss GDPR and how best to ensure compliance.

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