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Apr 21

Enhance Your Employer Branding and Attract Top Talent

Most companies consider their employees are their strongest asset. Great employees want to work for great companies. So why wouldn’t a company want to invest in its employer branding to define itself as a great company?

A positive employer brand should be evident in all aspects of the company culture. One of the times it is most evident is when a candidate begins their journey towards potential employment.

Did you know:

  • 38% of people are less likely to use a product or a service as a result of a poor candidate experience.
  • 61% of candidates are likely to tell friends and family about a negative experience.
  • But equally 72.7% will tell them about a positive one.

Businesses that understand the need to deliver a good experience will ensure delivery of a great experience; however those that don’t have no idea the impact that it can have on their recruitment and their business as a whole!

Enhance the candidate experience and put your businesses best foot forward by utilising these tools:


Communicate the company’s values

One of the best ways to enhance your employer branding is to display your company’s values for all to see. However, despite this, many companies still don’t have a careers page on their website or a page to show off their company culture.

This is a critical piece of a company’s employer branding. Studies have shown 56% of candidates make decisions to join a company based on the information they find. So it’s important to get this information out there, so it’s easily accessible, right at their fingertips.

Depending on what your company culture is, will depend on how you choose to present this. If your employer brand is a fun company culture, show off pictures of your team having fun. Get specific about what a candidate can expect working for your company. Craft and control the messaging that will draw the right candidates to your team.


Make team members’ communication vital to the process

Candidates crave information and communication during their candidate experience; this is why it’s important to add your team members’ voices to your employer branding. Your strongest advocates are the employees that are already working for and value the company.

By involving members of the team, this will decrease any gaps in communication and provide a realistic look at what it’s like to work for the company.

Keeping candidates informed throughout the process is a primary requirement when it comes to recruitment, however this often gets neglected or simply forgotten! Imagine the impact that can have upon your company branding.



Get personal with candidates

No candidate ever wants to feel like another number in the queue. It’s incredibly important to personalise your employer branding during the candidate experience. You could consider filming a welcome video; which could offer further insight into the job, the company, and the team.

This can help immerse the candidate in information and present a more personal face. Many companies are finding that this simple tool personalises the process for candidates and makes them feel like the company is actively pursuing them.



Enhance your job postings

Ok, it’s time to ditch the non-branded job postings. These posts don’t do anything to enhance the candidate experience because they don’t provide enough critical information. Many job postings look the same, just a generic list of skills they’d like their future employee to possess. Make your posting stand out, attract your target candidate.

They can also represent a great opportunity to enhance employer branding and to brag a little about the wonderful team environment and company culture. By being more specific a company can attract the talent they need, not the ones who are applying to everything.

Many Talent Acquisition and HR leaders are actively trying to enhance the candidate experience to remain competitive and draw the best talent. The best way to do so is by enhancing employer branding.

Remember that this will require a concerted effort to connect the messaging both internally and externally. Don’t lose good talent to a poorly defined employer brand. Make the effort and enhance your candidate experience now.

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