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Find out how our recruitment services compare with other providers

Our unique approach to recruitment combines the latest sourcing methods with an agency style support services to help organisations reach top talent and fill vacancies across all levels and disciplines in a time and cost efficient manner.

Many organisations claim to offer the same service but cheaper.

Here's a few questions to ask your provider to help you compare our services.

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Does your provider use direct links from job boards to maximise responses?

Unlike most recruitment providers we don't send emails to candidates asking them to complete your application form.

We used to but we definitely don't do this anymore!

Why? Because we recognised that huge numbers of candidates who saw vacancies on the job boards never went on to complete the client's application form, despite that fact that we knew they clicked ‘APPLY'!

Why? Due to the way job boards work and the information they request, candidates are led to believe they have already applied for the vacancy and are simply not expecting to receive an email requesting further information.

A high proportion of candidates will not even realise that an email had been sent to them due to the integrated spam filters of email providers.

So despite the fact that candidates were hitting apply on the job boards and wanted to apply for the role, only a small number of applications were received.

For the past 5 years we have adopted a different approach.

Using direct links, we provide candidates with a seamless link from the advert we post on a job board straight through to your application form. This simple change of allowing candidates to apply for your vacancies directly from the job board has increased our response rates by over 50%!

That's 50% more candidates applying for each of the roles we advertise on behalf of our clients.

Very few providers offer direct links from job boards.

  • Try it - you need to apply for a role and see the difference to believe it! Are you losing applications?

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Direct Links from Job Boards
sponsor your jobs on the leading Aggregators

Are your jobs benefiting from sponsored advertising on leading aggregators?

Aggregators are our most successful direct sourcing method.

Vacancies are posted to over 10 different aggregators using dedicated XML Feeds.

We don't just post jobs on Aggregators though, we use sponsored advertising and pay per click to maximise exposure and keep your vacancies at the top of the page.

Due to the high volumes of traffic generated by aggregators, many of the job boards also adopt this strategy.

We essentially cut out the middleman and control the advertising of jobs ourselves.

  • Take a look on Indeed to see if jobs are being sponsored directly by your provider, by a job board or not at all.

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Does your provider use paid for advertising on LinkedIn?

Firstly, ask your provider if they use paid for advertising (job slots) on LinkedIn. Secondly, if they do, ask them how many jobs they can advertise at any one time and how they choose which jobs are advertised and for how long.

networx have unlimited job slots to ensure all relevant vacancies are promoted equally for the full duration of the campaign.

Posting details of your vacancies as a ‘Status Update' and sharing, is not the same as advertising your job using Job Slots on LinkedIn and vacancies posted in this way will only ever reach a relatively small audience.

The cost implications of advertising vacancies on LinkedIn can be high.

  • Ask your provider how they use LinkedIn or alternatively you can easily check yourself.
  • Simply click on the Jobs tab and search for the name of the provider as highlighted in the image.

Take a look at the jobs we are currently advertising on LinkedIn

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Do they advertise your jobs on LinkedIn
How friendly is their mobile application process

How mobile friendly is the application process? Could you be losing upto 40% of candidates?

Over 40% of job seekers visit our job board using a mobile device. Other job boards claim that this figure is even higher.

Therefore, ensuring candidates can easily apply for your vacancies using their mobile is essential when comparing recruitment providers.

Regardless of how a candidate chooses to apply for vacancies, the experience should be a simple and positive process.

We not only ensure candidates can apply for your vacancies using a mobile device but we also provide them with the ability to register, setup job alerts, book interviews and track the status of submitted applications too.

  • Try applying for a vacancy using your mobile. How easy is it?

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Does your provider actually use the job boards they say they do?

Job boards today only contribute to 30% of the applications we generate on behalf of our clients.

This is primarily due to the success achieved via our own job board and our ability to tap into the much larger audience of passive job seekers.

However, in order to target active job seekers, job boards remain an integral part of our sourcing strategy.

We do not however simply post jobs on generic and industry specific job boards but we use the best available advertising options to maximise exposure and ensure your vacancies are listed higher in the search results.

Whilst many other providers will claim they advertise on certain job boards and use the premium advertising options we know that this is not actually the case!

  • Check for yourself - would your jobs be at the top of the search results or lost within a few hours?

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Does your provider actually use the job boards they say they do
How much recruitment experience

Experienced recruiters or ex-double glazing sales reps? Who will be recruiting on your behalf?

In order to deliver the best possible service to our clients we rely on the knowledge and skills of experienced recruiters.

Whilst our recruitment services are designed to help organisations avoid the high costs of traditional agencies, we are committed to providing the same high level of service and the associated benefits that clients expect.

On average, members of our resourcing team have over 7 years recruitment experience! A large proportion of our team have significantly more!

It might sound simple, but experience counts for a lot; especially when it comes to recruitment. The ability to identify suitable candidates, understand transferrable skills and proactively promote your vacancies to passive candidates is a skill that is fine tuned and developed over time.

  • How much recruitment experience does your provider offer?
    Can they offer the best advice for every role?

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Is your provider really able to deliver what they say they will?

"We do exactly what networx do but cheaper!"

Especially when recruitment budgets are tight, this is undoubtedly a tempting offer for any organisation!

If a provider can offer paid for advertising on LinkedIn, PPC advertising on all leading aggregators, direct links and premium advertising across an extensive portfolio of job boards and the level of recruitment experience required to proactively generate applications from passive candidates cheaper - why wouldn't you?

  • Ask to see the full break down of the services offered and check for any additional costs.

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deliver what they are promising
Candidate account job alerts

How many candidates does your provider attract directly to their website?

With over 3,000 vacancies across the UK, our own job board attracts over 40,000 jobseekers every day!

Infact - We are listed on UK's Top 100 Jobsites

Due to the diverse range of jobs we advertise on behalf of our clients, our job board also attracts candidates across all levels and disciplines and this is reflected in the depth of talent we have within our extensive candidate database.

Our highly intelligent job board will automatically identify the location of the job seeker and change the homepage image to reflect the town or county they are located within as well as give greater prominence to jobs that reflect their previous searches or applications.

All candidates are also provided with a dedicated and secure account from which they can manage their job search and any applications submitted via our site. Candidates can set up job alerts, create a searchable profile, update their personal details, book their own interviews and view suggested jobs all within their account too.

Clever hey?

  • How many new jobseekers are attracted every day by your recruitment provider?

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Does your provider boast a database of over 1.5 million registered candidates?

Every day over 40,000 job seekers visit our job board in search of a new role. As a direct result, over 1.5 million candidates have registered with networx providing our clients with immediate access to a wealth of talent that continues to grow daily.

Whilst job alerts ensure candidates are notified of new jobs as they arise, the true power of our database is in the information we collate during the registration process. Using a few simple questions, each candidate creates a searchable profile that not only ensures we can quickly match the needs of our clients with the skills of registered candidates but also actively promote jobs within their candidate account as ‘suggested jobs'.

  • How many registered candidates does your provider have access to?
  • How do they promote your vacancies to registered candidates?

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Macbook displaying candidate search feature
Mobile phones displaying Job alerts

How does your provider reach passive candidates?

Our team will never post a vacancy on a job board and simply sit back and wait for candidates to apply.

Statistics show that less than 20% of the workforce are actively looking for new employment so advertising on job boards will only ever reach a very small proportion of potential talent.

Instead our resource team are committed to reaching a wealth of passive candidates who match your requirements and will conduct a comprehensive search for employees with the skills you require already working for companies within a commutable distance.

It is the skills of our team to identify candidates with transferable skills and promote your vacancies that helps ensure we reach an audience who otherwise would be unaware of such opportunities. This makes a true difference to the quality of applications our clients receive.

  • Is your provider only reaching 20% of the workforce?
    How many passive candidates does your provider contact on your behalf?

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A one size fits all approach or a tailored application process for every role?

The flexibility of our application process ensures we not only provide Hiring Managers with the information they need to make informed selection decisions, but also generate the best possible response to vacancies too.

For example, when Hiring Managers require more in depth information and the application form is a few pages long, candidates benefit greatly from the ability to save their application and return later - one of the key functionalities offered by our standard application process.

On the other hand, when Hiring Managers only need candidates to answer a few questions, we use our Quick Apply process to simplify the application process and improve response rates.

Candidates applying for a part time cleaner have no desire or inclination to complete the same level of detail supplied by candidates applying for a Finance Director role for example. Adopting a one size fits all approach, requires them to do exactly this and can have a huge impact on response rates!

  • It's not just what you ask candidates to provide as part of your application, it's how you ask them too that makes a real difference!

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deliver what they are promising
How much recruitment experience

Does your provider offer free video interviews with every role?

Video Interviews not only provide clients with a greater insight into potential candidates without the associated costs of face to face interviews but also give candidates an opportunity to sell themselves much earlier in the selection process.

Due to the significant benefits that they offer, networx offer 10 free video interviews with every Candidate Attraction and Candidate Management campaign we manage via our recruitment services offering.

Unlike Skype, candidates can record their video interviews and clients can view them independently of one another.

As a fully integrated product, video interviews can be viewed directly from the software we use alongside the candidate's application details.

  • Video interviews can reduce your interview costs by 70% and help eliminate time spent interviewing the wrong candidates!

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