How Recruiting Technology Has Changed The Hiring Process Forever

Typically future trend predictions range from the conceivable, to slightly far-fetched to just silly! And let's be honest, the latter is more likely. The second instalment of the 'Back to the Future' franchise is a great example.

Taking place primarily in 2015, in which Bob Gale, who wrote 'Back to the Future Part II' with director Robert Zemeckis, predicted would look a lot different than it does today (i.e. we can't yet take our flying cars to robotic gas stations before heading to a holographic cinema).

The recruitment industry is growing and evolving!

In order to set yourself apart from the competition and win the war for top talent, it's essential to anticipate and adopt the latest recruiting trends. Fortunately, the trends making their way to the recruitment industry are much more practical than incorporating hologram interviewers into the recruiting and hiring processes.

Where is the industry going? Here are some trends that will change the way we find and place top talent:

Shifting from CV's to Online Profiles

Shifting from CV's to Online Profiles

Social professional networks such as LinkedIn; have changed the way professionals interact and find jobs. They have also transformed quite considerably the way recruiters find quality talent. A report conducted by LinkedIn in 2015, their Global Recruiting Trends report, shows that quality of hire is the most valuable hiring metric, followed by time to fill.

The same report also revealed that social professional networks are a recruiters' best bet in finding high quality talent. In fact, these networks are currently the fastest growing source of quality hires globally, increasing 73% over the past 4 years.

With sites like LinkedIn, job seekers can leverage their network in search of new opportunities, and recruiters can better find and connect with talent. As more companies begin to phase out the traditional, one-page paper CV for an updated online version; it will become essential to fully utilise these sites when searching for great talent.

Passive Candidates Are Becoming Highly Sought After

The typical recruitment methods such as the alluring job description, company career page etc whilst being successful at attracting active job seekers, won't do much for the passive candidate. These candidates are often already employed and not necessarily looking for a new job; but that doesn't mean it's not worth adding them to your talent database.

In fact, with around 75% of professionals categorising themselves as 'passive' candidates; it's crucial to capitalise on the passive candidate pool now more than ever.

Not only does their experience make them quality candidates, but because they're not actively searching for a new job, they're not likely to be interviewing with any other companies. This makes them an ideal target when recruiting.


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How do you appeal to these elusive job candidates

How do you appeal to these elusive job candidates?

Reach out to them via their social professional networks. Not only do these social sites provide an optimal situation for interacting with passive job candidates, but they serve as an efficient learning tool for you, and a way to showcase employer brand.

Email Marketing! Send and track engagement with content based emails. Nurturing and engaging with passive candidates as much as you can so that when the perfect opportunity arises, it's too good for them to ignore.

A survey by CareerBuilder found that 91 percent of candidates said that a company's employment brand is a major factor in whether or not they apply. The most successful companies understand this and push out content on their Web properties that will capture the interests of their future employees.

Qualified candidates don't just mass send their CV to every potential employer. They find a few brands that they connect with and keep their eye on those companies' job postings, Twitter profile, and blog posts.

Delivering authentic content to candidates is crucial to recruiting in the age of always-on social media.

Video Becomes an Essential Tool

Video technology is going viral within the recruitment industry. Visual content, in general, is a rising trend across all industries — which isn't a surprise really, when you consider that most people respond better to visual communication.

One piece of video technology more and more recruiters are utilising is video interviewing. In fact, currently more than 60% of 500 companies surveyed by 'OfficeTeam' have implemented video interviews during their hiring process.

Have you?

These emerging trends, within the recruitment industry, can help recruiters find and attract quality talent, build a solid talent pool of active and passive job candidates, and stay one step ahead of the competition with innovative recruiting tools and strategies.

Video Becomes an Essential Tool

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