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Enhance Your Employer Branding And Attract Top Talent

Enhance Your Employer Branding and Attract Top Talent

Most companies consider their employees are their strongest asset. Great employees want to work for great companies. So why wouldn't a company want to invest in its employer branding to define itself as a great company?

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How Recruiting Technology has changed the Hiring Process Forever

Typically future trend predictions range from the conceivable, to slightly far-fetched to just silly! And let's be honest, the latter is more likely. The second instalment of the 'Back to the Future' franchise is a great example.

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How Recruiting Technology has changed the Hiring Process Forever
Do we really need references during the application process

Do we REALLY need references during the application process?

With the ever growing competitive nature of recruitment, the tiniest details can make a big difference. With a lot of current practices arguably becoming more and more out dated to the modern candidate, we look to address another potentially outdated practice; do we need to include references on CVs?

This is not a new argument, in fact is has been debated for some time whether the inclusion of references are needed at the initial application stage for a position.

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Death of the application form?

With the rise of mobile recruitment popularity, candidates are able to search, view and apply anytime, anywhere! The need to allocate time and spend hours trawling through websites via your desktop computer is a thing of the past. The market has shifted towards allowing applicants to apply at their convenience.

So as the method of job searching has changed, one could argue that the application process should change too!

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Death of the Application Form
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Is your mobile recruitment strategy up to scratch?

We have never been more digitally connected with the average consumer now owning around five digital devices. People are now accustomed to accessing any information at any time, wherever they are. This shift in consumer behaviour has inspired innovation across all types of industries, including travel, retail and financial services. So why should recruitment be any different?

The focus has now changed. HR need to respond accordingly to what is very much a Candidate driven market. Gone are the times where the employer would dictate the entire application process. With an ever growing competitive market it's the applicant who now has more choice, more options, and employers now having to fight to get the right candidate.

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Video interviewing: The future of recruitment?

A bold statement yes, but could video interviewing be the future of recruitment? While the traditional interview process isn't going to go anywhere soon, the advantages of video interviewing are too good to ignore! Not only in terms of cost and time saving, could it also become part of the ever growing digital technological standards needed for businesses to remain competitive?

So what is video interviewing?

There are two methods of how video interviewing can work, one-way or two-way. One-way allows employers to create a series of questions for candidates to record their answers and submit them for consideration. Two-way would then connect employers and candidates in a face-to-face interview via webcam.

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Why a CV Database is crucial to building a Talent Pipeline

Sometimes during the recruitment process, an employer is fortunate enough to receive a bounty of outstanding CV's. Unfortunately, the hiring situation at that present time may only allow one person to join the team. Discarding or simply filing the rest of the applications, however, could be a huge mistake!

Instead, these candidates if tracked and nurtured properly can form the basis of a valuable talent pipeline!

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