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Jan 11

9 ways to successfully manage a high volume of applications


Many job postings have the potential to generate a huge number of applications. This can quickly become overwhelming for HR professionals to sort through especially if they don’t have the necessary tools in place to manage them.

Here are 9 key ways to reduce the time it takes to identify top talent and effectively manage a high volume of job applications.

1. Pre-application questions
If you are expecting a lot of applications, pre-application questions will help ensure that every application you do get is from a candidate who meets your minimum requirements. For example, if the role requires a driving license you can ensure that these candidates who don’t hold a valid license are quickly eliminated from the process.

2. Essential / desirable scores
The ability to sort and filter applications using an overall score or percentage is one of the easiest and quickest ways not only to highlight the highest quality candidates and process accordingly but also reduce numbers further.

3. Quick View Questions
You can use quick view questions to create a snapshot of each candidates application which focuses on the key information required to shortlist candidates for every vacancy.

4. Candidate Alerts
The ability to create unlimited candidate alerts ensures important or useful information can be easily highlighted and viewed.

When it comes to managing high volumes the ability to create unlimited candidate alerts such as work permits, previous applications, disabilities, convictions, and declarations ensure quick access to important and useful important information required to process applications more quickly.

5. Google Maps
By linking the candidates’ postcode to that of the vacancy, Google Maps provides a visual understanding of how far away the candidate lives and an indication of their journey to work.

6.Communication Templates
Regardless of how many applications you receive, it is vital that you communicate with each and every candidate to deliver a positive experience. A simple automated acknowledgement upon receipt of each application provides reassurance whilst communication templates can significantly reduce the time it takes to help keep all candidates informed throughout the process

7. Self Selection Interviews
Booking any number of interviews can be a time intensive task, firstly getting in touch with each candidate and then to confirm and book the most suitable time. Allowing candidates to choose and book their own interviews can help immensely. Self select interview technology provides candidates with a number of available times and dates and allows them to book their own interviews and send confirmation easily online.

8. Video Interviews
Just like telephone interviews, video interviews can help quickly assess the suitability of a large number of candidates quickly. Offering much more flexibility than Skype and Google Hangouts etc, dedicated video interview technology does not require the candidate and interviewer to be present at the same but allows interviewers to pre define a number of questions and then invite candidates to record their answers at a time suitable for them. Videos can also be recorded and submitted using mobile phones.

9. Candidate Account
Reduce the amount of time spent dealing with candidate enquiries and requests by putting the candidate in control with their own account. Using a secure login, candidates can amongst other things track the status of applications in real time, update their personal details, book their own interviews, set up job alerts, provide references and withdraw applications at the click of a button, saving valuable time for you.

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