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Feb 09

5 ways to reduce your time to hire

Reducing your time to hire can have a significant effect on the quality of your hires.

Simply by following these 5 simple steps we have helped organisations reduce their average time to hire from 8 ½ weeks to just 4 ½ weeks.

Sound of interest? Take a look and see what impact the following changes could have on your business.

STEP 1 – Advertise for a shorter period.

Whilst many organisations and job boards adopt a 30 day advertising period, research shows that the optimum time to advertise your vacancies is 14 days.

Due to the efficiencies of job alerts and suggested jobs, the wealth of candidates will be made of aware of your vacancies within the first couple of days of the advert going live. It is also a well known fact that the longer you advert is on a job board the less exposure it receives. This is mainly due to the fact that the vacancy falls lower in the search results and those that have an interest in applying will have already seen the vacancy and made a decision whether or not to apply.

You also need to consider that if a quality candidate applies for your vacancy as soon as it goes live – will they still be looking for a new role a month down the line?

STEP 2 – Set your interview dates in advance

Confirming availability of interviewers before the vacancy even goes live not only helps create a more streamlined process but also gives candidate’s confidence in the role they are applying for and sets expectations.

Trying to combine the availability of multiple interviewers after an advert has closed can easily add several weeks to the recruitment process.

STEP 3 – Educate your line managers

If Line Managers are made aware of the impact that they can have on the quality of hire, they are more likely to try and address this. For example, if they ask you to advertise a role but are due to go on holiday shortly after the vacancy closes are they aware of how much time this will add to the process, how many good candidates they will potentially lose and ultimately affect the overall success of the campaign. Would it be more beneficial for them to run the vacancy when they get back?

STEP 4 – Introduce the right tools

Although it sounds simple, having the right technology in place can have a significant impact on the time it takes to manage each stage of your recruitment process. Introducing key functionality can such as automated acknowledgements, filtering tools and communication templates can help alleviate the time it takes to process large numbers of candidates. The continued advancement of technology also presents a wealth of time saving features for example video interviewing.

Simply by using video interviewing one of our clients was able to interview 100 candidates over a 3 day period, viewing each video as they were submitted into the system.

STEP 5 – Improved Decision Making and Onboarding Processes

A detailed person specification and a robust interview process also play a key role in getting the right people through to offer quickly by making it easier for you to identify who accurately fits the requirements of the role.

Once you have decided on which candidates to offer, an online onboarding process which includes access to personal documents and electronic signature technology help ensure that every offer is communicated, agreed and signed in the quickest possible manner.

Remember if you are making an offer to a candidate then the chances are that another organisation is considering doing the same.

How much time could you reduce your time to hire by? Contact us to find out.

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