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Sep 05

5 ways to improve your job descriptions to attract the best candidates

The rise of aggregators has meant that today job seekers are able to access and view more job opportunities than ever before. When job seekers are looking at your role description, you only have a few seconds to peak their interest and encourage them to apply before they move onto the next role.

In order to get the best candidates to apply for your roles, you need to make the best possible first impression. Your job description is often the candidates first insight into your organisation so you need to make it count.

Here are 5 ways to improve your job descriptions and attract the best talent.

1. Avoid confusing job titles

When advertising a job, you want the right candidates with the relevant experience to apply. One way to do this is by ensuring your job title is fully optimised. You want your job title to be straightforward, searchable and relevant to the job.

Although unconventional titles might seem like a fun idea, generally these can also be quite confusing and not something people would necessarily search for. This is why it’s better to use well known and more generic job titles that more people would search for on their job hunt.

Our recruitment software automatically pushes out vacancies across a number of different platforms collectively known as the networx network. Designed to kick start the sourcing strategies on behalf of our clients, the networx networks ensures every job reaches thousands of candidates. A simple and clear title will help further increase exposure of your vacancies and help attract quality applicants.

2. Sell the role and company

Only 22% of employees are currently looking for a new role so you not only want to attract job hunters, but you want to reach passive candidates too.

Showing what it is like to work at your organisation, sharing key information about the company culture and highlighting what type of people you are looking to add to your team are key to attracting the right people to your team.

If you are able to reach passive candidates the need to sell your role and your business is even more important. You want your company and job to stand out. Is there an opportunity for growth?  The chance of a flexible working schedule? Communicate these aspects to potential candidates and tell them why your organisation is a great place to work.

Over 50,000 job seekers visit our website every day looking for their new role. In order to attract the best people your vacancy needs to stand out.

Using our recruitment software we put our clients in control of their own careers page which provides the flexibility to not only showcase individual roles but the company as a whole. With the option to change images, content and layout, the content editable careers page HR can update the look and feel of their careers page as often as the require.

3. Engage with your audience

Cold, impersonal and detached language can put readers off quickly. You want it to sound professional and sell the role and company in an effective way, but you also want it to sound engaging.
The job description needs to informative but also it also needs to be unique and catch the reader’s attention.  A long, boring and impersonal job description isn’t going to make candidates want to apply but potentially steer them towards other opportunities instead.

Spelling and grammar mistakes can also discredit your job descriptions and decrease their appeal. Although they may only be small spelling mistakes, you want to keep the best candidates engaged and interested in applying for your role!

4. Separate required and desirable skills

CV Library has recently found that 55% of job seekers feel like they don’t possess the right skills to apply for a job. This is due to many job descriptions not clearly distinguishing required skills from desirable ones.

Many job seekers quickly conclude that they are not sufficiently qualified for the role, even though they may be. Listing skills that cover a range of unrelated disciplines, may discourage those candidates that you require.

Therefore, it’s best to clearly distinguish what is required for the job role and what it desired, but can be taught. This will also help build a solid talent pool to support the recruitment of similar vacancies in the future.

5. Ensure it’s mobile friendly

A recent survey from Glassdoor revealed that 9 out of 10 job seekers search for jobs on their mobile.

There are a few changes you can make to your descriptions to ensure you support these recent job findings.

Here are a couple of ways you can make your job descriptions mobile friendly;

–  Keep the job description short and simple
–  Break up the paragraphs or even use bullet points to divide the information
–  Make the application process simple, so candidates can apply via their phone

Our recruitment software is completely optimised for those searching for jobs on their mobile. Our recruitment software not only allows candidates to apply for your vacancies using a mobile device, but also provides them with the ability to register, setup job alerts, book interviews and track the status of submitted applications too.

Find out more how our recruitment software and our comprehensive recruitment services can assist you in improving your job descriptions and help you reach the best talent.

You can even book a free demo to see how our recruitment software can help you recruit more effectively, whilst saving you time and money.

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