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Nov 30

5 ways to improve your employer brand


A recent CareerArc study revealed that 75% of job seekers research an employer before even applying for a role. Consequently, many potential candidates may decide whether to apply or not for a role, based on their perception of your employer brand.

No matter the size of your company or the industry you are in, as a brand you should always be investigating new strategies to remain competitive and attract the best talent. Employers today are up again greater odds, than ever before as today’s best talent now have an abundance of options. Therefore, the way that you market your company and communicate your company culture is of vital importance.

Here are five ways that you can improve your employer brand to attract the top talent

1.Branded adverts

Job adverts are the first impression potential candidates have of your company. To maximise views and to fully promote your employer brand and the message you want to get across, we’d recommend corporate branding your adverts.

With our recruitment software, you can promote your employer brand through the creation of a fully branded end to end candidate application process that uses your corporate logo, images and colours and fonts. Our dedicated design team will create a professional branded candidate experience that will improve your employer brand and create positive first impressions.

With your fonts, colours and visuals, your brand will be immediately recognised.

2.Sell your business

Through your job adverts, not only do you want to sell the role to potential candidates, but you also want to sell the company culture and the business as a whole. Potential candidates want to picture what it is like to work with you and gain an understanding of the day-to-day work life beyond the salary and benefits.

Selling your business and your company culture is a great way to improve your employer brand, as it adds another element to your job descriptions and what you have to offer as a company. You should also emphasise the value that is placed on employer brand to your current employees, this can encourage them to maintain and aid improving the company culture.

3.Candidate experience

Candidate experience is what can make or break your company brand. You want candidates to have a positive experience with your company, even if they weren’t successful with their application, as word-of-mouth and recommendations are one of the best forms of marketing. Giving feedback on their application, communicating clearly and maintaining a good relationship with applicants will not only encourage them to recommend your company, but they may be encouraged to apply for a different role in the future.

Providing a positive candidate experience is simple and the results are a more positive brand experience for candidates and a more engaged talent pool.

4.Listen to feedback

One of the ways you can engage with candidates, successful or not, is to learn what they think of your recruitment process and your brand. Not only will this give your company an idea of how you come across to potential candidates, but it also allows you to improve your company brand.

By hearing thoughts from a candidate’s experience, you’ll be able to address any issues as well as test new recruitment strategies to improve the process for candidates in the future.

5.Promote your company

One of the first-place potential candidates may go when researching your company and its culture is social media. Social media is a great way to promote your company and its culture in more of a light-hearted way. Your social media pages are your opportunity to showcase what makes your company unique and highlight the benefits of working there. Not only is it a great opportunity to show your company culture, but it is also effective in attracting top talent.

Our recruitment software is ideal to fully leverage the potential of your social media. The social media recruitment tool has the ability to create, schedule and post details of your vacancies directly from within your recruitment software on to a range of different social media platforms.

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