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Nov 01

5 key considerations before investing in recruitment software

Implementing recruitment software for the first time can be a daunting task. Whilst HR departments are generally aware of the key frustrations they wish to address, with nothing to compare against it’s difficult to understand what level of functionality you require and the true benefits that the right solution can bring to your organisation.

Choosing an alternative recruitment software provider is arguably much simpler. You know which functionality you couldn’t live without, where bottlenecks can occur and the bits you would simply like to tweak as required.
The following steps are designed to help organisations to outline their requirements to ensure that the recruitment software they choose truly reflects the specific needs of their organisation and helps achieve their recruitment objectives.

Step 1 – Map out your current processes

From vacancy authorisation right through to a candidate’s first day can be supported by recruitment software. Pinpointing each stage of your process and the key milestones will quickly provide an outline of the level of functionality you require from a software provider.

For example

• Do all vacancies need to be authorised?
• Do you use recruitment agencies?
• Do you have direct agreements with job boards?
• Do you use online testing providers?
• Do you require references?

For those organisations looking to replace an existing solution, a review should take place of your processes and how your software currently supports each stage. Do you currently conduct certain elements of your process outside of the system or are there current activities that you could centralise and manage more effectively.

Step 2 – Identify what needs to change

If you are implementing software for the first time, the need is generally process driven.

For example

• You need to ensure compliance under GDPR
• You need to centralise your recruitment process
• You need to gain control of recruitment across your organisation
• You need to improve the candidate experience

For those who are looking to change recruitment provider, however, the need for change is generally driven by a lack of functionality or frustrations with the current solution.

Step 3 – Outline your recruitment objectives

Once you’ve assessed your current process and the reason you’re looking for a new software, it’s time to outline your recruitment objectives.
What are your recruitment objectives? What functionality do you need to achieve these objectives?

Are you looking for a software to: –

• Reduce costs and your time to hire
• Deliver a great candidate experience
• Build a searchable talent pool
• Control the use of agencies across your organisation
• Promote your employer brand
• Provide key reporting information when you need it
• Support a discrimination-free recruitment process

Step 4 – Establish what is an essential requirement and desirables

When implementing your first recruitment software, establishing the difference between the functionality you need to those that will help improve processes can be key to ensuring you implement the right solution and within budget.

Dividing your requirements into the following two categories will also help you identify which provider can support you more than others.

1. Essential features: what features are required to create the recruitment process you need.
2. Non-essential features: what features could potentially improve the hiring process, however, are not vital.

Step 5 – Consider your long-term objectives

It’s also vital to consider as much as possible how your recruitment software will continue to support your longer-term objectives and your changing business requirements.

• Can you add new functionality as it is required?
• How often is your software updated?
• Can you change key elements such as application questions and your careers page with ease?
• What are the costs of such updates?

Whatever you are looking for, our market leading recruitment software will introduce you to the tools you need to manage your recruitment activity effectively. If you’re interested in finding out more about our software, request a free demo by clicking here

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