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Aug 07

4 Ways Recruitment Software Can Help Your Recruitment Process

Recruitment can be a gruelling task. Especially with the endless hours of admin, the substantial workload and with no guarantee of a successful placing.

The secret of boosting productivity and performance when it comes to recruitment is providing employees with the right technology. Recruiters have a difficult job keeping up with the 100’s of applications, the constant emailing and the manual posting of job ads, however, our recruitment software can eliminate the time-consuming tasks.

Recruitment software helps you manage your applicants and vacancies by streamlining the recruitment process. We can save you time, money and increase effectiveness. Here’s how…

1.Advertise your roles quickly

Posting job vacancies using our recruitment software couldn’t be easier. With vacancy templates, unlimited adverts and quick apply options, our recruitment software is all about saving you time on admin and giving you more time to do what you do best; recruit.

You have full control of your careers page and can easily choose multiple publications. Once you upload your vacancy, you have the option to publish the job advert to multiple websites and online job boards.

The simplicity of posting job adverts speeds the process up and eliminates the task of manually posting your vacancy on job boards individually.

2. Source better candidates 

All clients who use our recruitment software benefit from exclusive access to the networx network.

Our networx network is a highly successful sourcing platform that exposes your vacancies to a high number of people, finding you the best candidates that match your skill requirements.

With over 50,000 daily visitors and 1.5 million registered active candidates, our networx network is the perfect place to promote your job vacancy. You can promote your vacancies with ease and reach the best candidates for your roles.

Adverts will not only be automatically promoted on our own website but also on a number of our preferred partners for maximum vacancy exposure.

3.Track the recruitment process

As soon as candidates enter the recruitment system, you’ll be notified.

However, not only can you track your applicants and vacancies, you can also measure the cost and performance of your recruitment process. The networx recruitment software allows you to evaluate the success of your recruitment campaigns, with up-to-date analytics and reports.

The flexible reporting that comes with our recruitment software can identify which recruitment sources are most effective, give you a detailed analysis of time to hire and activity durations as well as cost analytics.

All these features aim to give you a tailored understanding of your recruitment process and where time and money is spent.

4.Reduce your workload

Managing recruitment processes manually can increase your workload and in turn, consume your time that could have been spent recruiting for another position.

Recruitment software can offer the best solution to this. Simplifying the recruitment process to one recruitment software means that everything is one place with no over-complicated systems. You can easily track all your latest applications from various sources, monitor your vacancies and the agencies you work with.

The networx recruitment software helps you manage your high-volumes of work, ensure you are not falling behind and can recruit more effectively.

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