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Sep 12

3 Ways to Ensure Your Job Offers Are Accepted Every Time

After weeks of sourcing, screening, emailing and interviewing, you’re ready to confidently extend a formal offer to the ideal candidate.  However, the candidate has several options to consider and decides to reject it.

Many employers have been blindsided by rejection in the past by candidates they confidently assume would accept. In these cases, the recruitment cycle must start from the beginning, costing you not only time but money.

So how do you ensure that your top talent accepts your job offers? Here are a few things you can do to get your desired candidates to accept your job offer every time.

1. Find out what motivates them

Finding out your candidate’s motivation will give you a strong indication of what they are looking for in a job role. You won’t know how to market the company or sell the position without it.

Once you find out their motivation, you’ll be able to gain an insight into their goals, what might be lacking for them in their previous company and what is most important to them while job hunting. All this information is vital if you want to show each candidate how your company can fulfil their specific preferences and extend a job offer that they can’t refuse.

2. See what other companies they’re considering

Normally, the best and most desirable candidates have various employment options. The only way to find out about them is to ask! Finding out about the other companies that your candidate is interested in again, gives you a better understanding of the wants and needs of your candidates.

As well as this, you can pinpoint the things that make your company different or better. You can use the information to your advantage and emphasise the distinction so that the applicants understand why your company might be the better option.

3. Communicate with your candidate

It’s crucial that you stay in touch with your candidate from start to finish. Unanswered emails or long waiting times for interviews can quickly kill candidate’s interests if they don’t feel valued as a potential employee.

Excellent communication with your candidate throughout will leave the candidate feeling confident in you and your company and therefore, will make them more likely to accept a job offer.

When making a job offer, it’s vital that this is made verbally and not via email. Ideally, meeting them in person would be the best option, not only to go over the finer details before formally offering them position but to also show how much you’d like them on board.

Ultimately converting offers into successful hires is still largely dependant on human intervention and the skills to sell the role to the right people. However choosing the right recruitment software can definitely help to streamline your selection process and reduce the time you keep candidates waiting.

Our dedicated onboarding module, available as part of our recruitment software, also offers organisations with the tools required to help bridge the gap between the time a candidate is offered and their start date.

The ability to provide candidates with secure access to a fully tailored microsite that includes personalised welcome messages, personal documents and key information relating to the candidates first day is also proven to make new employee feel welcome and part of the team reducing the risk of counter offers and drop off rates.

Find out more about how our recruitment software and comprehensive recruitment services can aid you in making sure your job offers are always accepted.

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